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what's is Pastoral Psychotherapy?

Pamela Cooper White writes in her book, Many Voices, "pastoral psychotherapy is not a synonym for a pastoral counseling, it is a particular and distinct healing intervention in its own right .  That is grounded in both psychoanalytic theory and method, that  are held in a constructive, creation affirming theology."White goes on to say that the special charge of pastoral psychotherapy is to accompany and support individuals, couples and families in recognizing and healing, especially painful psychic wounds and/or long-standing patterns of self defeating relationships to self and others" (Cooper White, Pamela  Many Voices Fortress press, Minneapolis Pastoral psychotherapy is not a quick Band-Aid type approach to helping people with their problems.  It is a deep reaching method of therapy that seeks to get to the core of a person's emotional pain by making what is unconscious in the person conscious.  It is through the reviving and working throug…