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Dealing with Depression Part 2

In part one of my post on dealing with depression I wrote about some of the things that one can/ should  do when you feel that you may have depression. By depression I don't mean that occasional sadness that comes with some life events such as the loss of a pet , breaking up with a boy or girl friend. These events may indeed be extremely sad but most people will bounce back from these events with support from friends and family.Recovery takes place over the course of a few days, or weeks and then People resume their normal daily activities. What I am referring to is depression that interferes with one's daily life. You may have trouble getting to sleep at night. Your sleep patterns are disrupted by bad dreams or nightmares. You May find that you wake several times during the night or you may find yourself sleeping to much.  or you may be oversleeping and missing time at work or school. Like I wrote in part one that depression can take many forms.  To review I wrote that some o…

Dealing with depression part 1.

Maybe you are not sure that you are depressed. Yet, you feel that things are not quite right. You might be feeling anxious, tired, restless, or overwhelmed by your life situation.Maybe you are crying to much, sleeping to much or not sleeping enough. At times you feel like you don't have the energy to move through your day? This might be signs that you are suffering from depression.
Here are a few things  that you can do to help minimize the effects of depression in your life,  First and foremost on the list is,

get help!  If you believe that you are experiencing depression  Do not try to deal with depression alone. Enlist the help of a qualified professional. A Pastoral counselor,psychiatrist,  Therapist or Pastor trained in counseling  can all help you deal with your symptoms. I have made this first on the list because depression has many faces and it is important that you be diagnosed correctly. For example are you having symptoms of Bipolar Disorder? Is your depression caused by…