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Dealing with depression part 1.

Maybe you are not sure that you are depressed. Yet, you feel that things are not quite right. You might be feeling anxious, tired, restless, or overwhelmed by your life situation.Maybe you are crying to much, sleeping to much or not sleeping enough. At times you feel like you don't have the energy to move through your day? This might be signs that you are suffering from depression.
Here are a few things  that you can do to help minimize the effects of depression in your life,  First and foremost on the list is,

  1. get help!  If you believe that you are experiencing depression  Do not try to deal with depression alone. Enlist the help of a qualified professional. A Pastoral counselor,psychiatrist,  Therapist or Pastor trained in counseling  can all help you deal with your symptoms. I have made this first on the list because depression has many faces and it is important that you be diagnosed correctly. For example are you having symptoms of Bipolar Disorder? Is your depression caused by  "seasonal affective disorder, Are you experiencing dysthymia,or  major depressive disorder? Is your depression caused by Chronic pain, chronic illness, low self esteem,  or is  there another cause?   I can't stress this too much . It is important to understand the type  and the causes of your depression . In addition to getting help here are some other things that you can do.
  2. get out!  some people with depression find that they also have sleep issues. They may find that they cannot sleep through the night. Resulting in   not enough,sleep or  sleep deprivation.Depression can interfere with all aspects of our lives, including relationships, work and our daily activities.   Getting outside each morning for one half hour and get sunlight in your eyes will help with sleep issues. Sit out on your porch or deck. Go for a short walk. Find a way to be in the sunlight without a hat or sunglasses for just one half hour each day.  This will help with Melatonin production. This in turn should help with your sleep cycles. More to come in my next post. See dealing with depression part 2.


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