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Breakfast with God

sometimes when I read My Bible in the morning I like to take what I read and transform it or think of it In a way that seems to fit in my everyday life.  This morning I was reading from Psalm 66 verses 8 through 12 “He trained us first, passed us like silver through refining fires, he brought us into Hardscrabble country, he pushed us to our very limit, Road tested as inside it out, he took us to hell and back and finally brought us to this well-watered place.
I have never refined any metal so I'm not very sure what that experience is like. I can only imagine it.
I was making my breakfast as I do every morning.  Scrambled eggs  and tea.  as I Aimlessly stirred the eggs my mind started to wander.  I begin to think about this morning's reading.
What if God is the Cook and we are the eggs?   We, the eggs are all nice and cozy in a hard but delicate  shells. We, the eggs living a life Always separated from others in our Shell.  As I thought about eggs,   I realized that they spend most of their time lined up in the egg crate all in a row but never touching one another!  Maybe
God thinks that is not good for the eggs or for us.
God the cook,Takes  each of us, the eggs and breaks our hard but delicate shell.  God cracks our shell and he tosses us, the eggs,  into a bowl and precedes to Stir  things up and  mixes us with all the other eggs.  Then God throws us the eggs into a hot pan!  The eggs Become  a hot mess. As the eggs begin to warm something happens they begin to take on a shape.The eggs  begin to have  form a More substantial texture.    The eggs are no longer a slimey hot mess. suddenly the eggs are breakfast.  A breakfast that can nourish others, The eggs, Are now a source of life.
We never want to go into the hot pan, maybe we don't want our shells broken and our slimy  Interiors exposed to others.   God knows what he's doing he knows how to take  someone break them up, Stir them up, Heat them up and turn them into someone  Who can be a source of life and nourishment in  God's world.  it's never easy but it's always worth it.


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